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The Corrections Division of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office runs the Liberty County Jail. The office’s objective is to deliver a secure, safe, and lawful location to detain Liberty County Jail inmates who are accused of committing felony and misdemeanor crimes in Liberty County, as well as to safely transport all the people who were sentenced to spend time in the Florida Department of Corrections.

A captain supervises the Corrections Division. This person also is the Jail’s Administrator. In addition to the Captain, the Corrections Division is operated via 1 Lieutenant, 7 full-time Officers, along with 3 part-time Officers, 2 part-time nurses, and the Correctional Technician. Besides guaranteeing the secure keeping of the inmates, the staff at the Corrections also is responsible for taking the inmates to their court appearances, as well as taking the suspects who were arrested in some of the other states and counties back to Liberty County so they can stand trial.

The jail has a medical department staffed via 2 Registered Nurses who deliver medical care to the inmates. Furthermore, the Jail also has available doctors from the area who work on contract to deliver Medical and Mental Health Services to imprisoned offenders. In addition, the inmates’ health grievances are requested daily and followed via proper triage and treatment via skilled healthcare specialists.

Liberty County Jail Information

The work release program at the Liberty County Jail lets selected offenders who are designated a low risk via meeting the Liberty County Courts and Jail Facility’s standards a chance to work out in the community whilst fulfilling the conditions of their jail sentence. Also, the program provides offenders with a chance to pay compensation as well as support their families while they are incarcerated.

Liberty County Jail is a working environment.  The jail endeavors to meet the needs of each Liberty County Jail inmate via delivering a large amount of programs.  The jail’s objective is to help the inmates remain productive whilst reducing the community’s tax burdens.

Additionally, the jail delivers a garden project, a road program, a work release program, as well as religious programs. To conduct a Liberty County inmate search or to view the Liberty County Jail roster, click here

Liberty County Jail Address

12499 NW Pogo Street
Bristol, Florida 32321

Liberty County Jail Inmate Search

The Corrections Division members are accountable for managing the offenders who were arrested while in Liberty County along with processing the offenders who’ve been sentenced in Liberty County Courts. People who were arrested appear before the Judge inside of 24 hours of being arrested. The Judge tells each of the arrestees about his/her charge(s) along with the amount of the bond for thing they are charged with. First appearance gets held every day.

After their 1st appearance, each of the inmates gets one phone call. If they can bond out, then the inmate completes the required procedures and gets let go from custody and given the date they need to come to the court. The inmates not let go or who can’t bond out are kept at the county jail.

When someone gets let go from county jail, all their personal property which was held at the jail gets give back to the discharged inmate via a Corrections Division member. Any funds leftover in commissary account of the released inmate or if they have money left in their phone account, they will get it back in the form of a check. To conduct a Liberty County Jail inmate search, click here

Liberty County Jail Visitation

Video Visitation with Liberty County Jail inmates is now done at the Liberty County Jail after being implemented by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. Furthermore, the days and hours you can visit were increased so as to better assist visitors who can’t miss any work during the regular business hours. In addition, these days and hours help kids who would normally have to miss school in order to visit and visitors who don’t have any sort of transportation to be able to go the jail for a visit. If you want to schedule your visit, please click here.

Liberty County Jail

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is made up of the Law Enforcement Division and the Corrections Division. The Corrections Division manages bookings and releases, the inmate deposits and mail, as well as the video visitations. The Law Enforcement Division consists of the Criminal Investigations Unit, Patrol Unit, and School Resources Unit.  To conduct a Liberty County Jail inmate search, click here.    

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Address

12832 NW Central Ave.
Bristol, FL 32321


The Liberty County Sheriff is Sheriff Buddy Money. He has served as part of the Coral Gables Police Department for 22 and a half years, and afterwards served at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office for six years. His affiliations and honors include: Liberty County Community Health Board; President, Liberty County Senior Citizens Board; Coral Gables Police Benevolent Association and the Florida Peace Officers Association; President.

Liberty County Jail

Liberty County Chief Deputy

The Sheriff is who appoints the Chief Deputy, who also assists the Sheriff in the daily functions of the Sheriff’s Office. That includes overseeing the Law Enforcement, Corrections, Communications and Judicial Services, and the Administration Divisions of the agency. Furthermore, the Chief Deputy is who represents the Sheriff at government meetings, community meetings, hearings, and special programs.

Presently, Dusty Arnold acts as the Chief Deputy of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

About Liberty County, Florida

Liberty County is found in Florida. The population was 7,974, as of the 2020 census, thus it is the smallest populated county in Florida. Bristol is the county seat. Also, Liberty County is 1 of merely 2 dry counties in Florida (the other one is in Lafayette County). The Apalachicola National Forest inhabits half the county. In 1855, Liberty County was established and its name comes the American principle of liberty. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Liberty county has a total area consisting of 843 square miles, in which 836 square miles of it is land and 7.6 square miles (0.9%) of it consists of water. The county gets bordered on the west side via the Apalachicola River. The county is also home to the Liberty County Jail. To conduct a Liberty County Jail inmate search, click here


There were 7,974 people, 2,513 households, and 1,602 families living in Liberty county US Census. Further, there were 7,021 people, 2,222 households, and 1,553 families living in Liberty county a of the US census of 2000. The county’s population density was eight people per square mile. There were also 3,156 housing units at a median density of four per square mile. The  county’s racial makeup 76.41 percent White, 18.43 percent Black or African American, 1.81 percent Native American, 0.14 percent Asian, 2.08 percent from additional races, and 1.13 percent from 2 or more races. 4.50% of their population were Hispanics or Latinos from any race. Over ten percent of the county’s population are Mormons.



  • Bristol

Census-designated places:

  • Hosford
  • Lake Mystic
  • Sumatra

Unincorporated communities:

  • Estiffanulga
  • Orange
  • Rock Bluff
  • Telogia
  • White Springs
  • Wilma
  • Woods


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