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The Manatee County Jail is located in the city of Palmetto, Florida. When an inmate arrives at the jail, the following occurs:

  • Intake of the inmate’s property
  • Fingerprinting
  • Medical screening
  • The inmate is photographed
  • Warrant check

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Jail Information / Manatee County Inmate Search

Arrestees who fail to bond out of jail see a judge within twenty-four hours after arrest. The judge then informs the inmate of the charge(s) and set a bond amount (if appropriate). Friends and family members of inmates may conduct a Manatee County inmate search before or after this time to determine the location of the inmate. To conduct a Manatee County inmate search, click here.

With misdemeanor cases, a judge might be able to accept a guilty plea, then the arrestee will be released on his own recognizance or for time served. With a felony case, a judge might increase or decrease their bond. A judge might order a screened inmate to get let go on a Supervised ROR. This procedure will take more time for an inmate to get let go because they have to be screened.

Booking gets the outcomes from the 1st appearance about 11:30 a.m. daily via the Clerk of Courts. If you’re phoning to get info on a bond for a person who just got arrested, please wait for the results to be received.

Family or friends can take an inmate’s property after the inmate fills out a property release form identifying the proposed recipient. The property can only get released whenever the inmate has signed the property form. You must have a government-issued photo ID to get an inmate’s property. A Property release application typically takes 48 hours for processing.

Whenever the inmate gets their assignment for housing, they can call their family or friends via collect from a jail phone. The recipients have to accept the phone charges to speak to them.

Jail Address

14470 Harlee Road
Palmetto, FL 34221

Manatee County Inmate Search

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Jail Visitation Hours / Manatee County Inmate Search

Before scheduling a visitation, friends and family members of inmates should first conduct a Manatee County inmate search to confirm the inmate’s presence at the facility. To conduct a Manatee County inmate search, click here. Non-contact visitation by video is done at the Visitation Center in Palmetto, Florida. It is open every day 7:45 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. You must make an appointment in order to visit an inmate who is incarcerated at the jail. If it is your first time visiting, you must phone 941-747-3011 ext. 2902 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. to set up a visit for the next day. A visitation clerk is only able to set up visits one day ahead of time.

Visitors who’ve been to a visitation already and gave an email address to the visitation crew will get informed whenever they phone to set up their own visits here.  You can set up a visit seven days ahead of time as well as much as one day before online. There is a computer in the visitation center lobby for the folks who don’t have access to the Internet.

Sheriff’s Office / Manatee County Inmate Search

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office’s mission to give services to people in the community as well as take action regarding crime in the top tradition of professional law enforcement. To complete this goal, the subsequent policy statements are stated to serve as objectives in the daily operation of the organization. The office’s goal is to deliver safety and security to the citizens and visitors of the area. To meet this objective, the agency works to:

  • Deliver an expert and well-trained force of law enforcement as well as correction deputies to ensure the best conceivable service.
  • Give deputies the gear as well as administrative support needed to complete their responsibilities.
  • Better techniques and procedures and use the best feasible technology available to swiftly bring criminal lawbreakers to justice.
  • Administer info and education programs which help to prevent crime.
  • Act as devoted stewards of public resources which are made available for achieving our goals and seeking the innovative methods to increase savings through effective usage of such kinds of resources.
  • Provide facilities for the humane and secure detention of people awaiting a trial as well as the ones who are incarcerated.
  • Deliver properly handled and conducted juvenile programs as they were contracted for, guaranteeing close observance to standards instituted for those kind of programs via the state of Florida.

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Manatee County inmate search
Manatee County Inmate Search

Sheriff’s Office Address

600 Highway 301 Boulevard West
Bradenton, FL 34205.

About the County / Manatee County Inmate Search

The county is located in the central portion of the U.S. state of Florida. The population was 399,710 as of the 2020 US Census. It is part of the North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton Metropolitan Statistical Area. Bradenton is the county seat as well as the biggest town. The county was formed in 1855 and is named for Florida’s official marine animal, the manatee. Characteristics of the county consist of access to the southern portion of the Tampa Bay estuary, as well as the Manatee River and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. In addition, the area is home to a local detention center. To conduct a Manatee County inmate search, click here.

Demographics / Manatee County Inmate Search

As of 20202, there were 150,345 households, 399,710 people, and 99,157 families residing in the county. The racial makeup of the county during this period was 68.32% White, 7.79% African American, 0.19% Native American, 2.11% Asian, 0.06% Pacific Islander, 0.4% other, 3.36% mixed, and 17.76% Hispanic. There are also a number of inmates incarcerated at the local jail. To conduct a Manatee County inmate search, click here.