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Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department (MDCR) is a County Department that serves Miami-Dade County’s thirty municipal police departments, along with the county’s police department (MDPD), and state agencies. MDCR is the seventh biggest county jail system in the US, with about 2,906 workers. Friends and family may locate inmates at the Miami-Dade County Jail by conducting a Miami-Dade inmate search. To conduct a Miami-Dade inmate search, click here.

The department is also known as DCJ, which stands for Dade County Jail. Miami-Dade Corrections Officers wear a white shirt and green pants having a grey stripe. The vehicles at Miami-Dade Corrections have white and green colors. MDCR officers have a silver badge, whilst sergeants and higher have a gold one. Their badge is precisely the same as those of the Miami-Dade County Police Department in order to indicate they were once the same entity. MDCR manages an average of about 7,000 prisoners, as well as books about 114,000 prisoners each year (312 a day). Some facilities are accredited nationwide via the American Correctional Association, along with at the state level via Florida’s Corrections Accreditation Commission.

Corrections and Rehabilitations Headquarters

2525 NW 62nd Street
Miami, Florida 33147

Pre-Trial Detention Center Address

1321 NW 13th St
Miami, FL. 33125

Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Address

7000 NW 41st St
Miami, FL. 33166

Metro West Detention Center Address

13850 NW 41st St
Miami, FL. 33178

Boot Camp Address

2525 NW 62nd St.
Miami, FL 33147

Miami-Dade Inmate Visitation / Miami-Dade Inmate Search

MDCR now has video visitation is via their remote video visitation equipment which connects the public with all the prisoners. Friends, family, and professionals may use these services. Every visitor has to acknowledge as well as follow the jail’s visitation rules whilst utilizing the service. If you wish to arrange for a visit, click here. In addition, to confirm an inmate’s presence in the Miami-Dade County Jail, please conduct a Miami-Dade County jail inmate search by clicking here.

Miami-Dade Inmate Search

To conduct a Miami-Dade inmate search, Miami-Dade arrest search, or Miami-Dade County jail inmate search, click here.

Miami-Dade Inmate Search
Miami-Dade Inmate Search

Miami-Dade Police Department

The vision of the Miami-Dade Police Department is to be the standard law enforcement establishment in the country via combining strategic planning along with the community’s concerns.

Miami-Dade Police Department delivers essential police services all through the unincorporated part of Miami-Dade County, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay and Miami Lakes. The decentralized police force patrol in 8 districts. The department’s specialized patrol squads include the seaport, the airport, as well as the marine, bomb disposal, motorcycle, and SWAT teams. Its crime investigators work along with additional law enforcement organizations, from local towns to the Department of Homeland Security.

Further, the department’s core values are:

  • Integrity: Integrity is the trademark of the Miami-Dade Police department. The department is dedicated to the top performance standards, fair conduct, and honesty in all its interactions. The department holds itself answerable for all its activities and takes pride in running a professional level of service with fairness to everyone.
  • Respect: The department cares for everyone in a courteous and dignified way, and shows knowledge of cultural and ethnic diversity, both in personal, as well as professional endeavors.
  • Service: In addition, the department delivers top-notch service in an efficient, accessible and courteous fashion. It encourages both employee as well as community involvement via problem-solving relationships.
  • Fairness: Finally, the department treats everyone impartially, with compassion and consideration. It is similarly receptive to both its employees and the community it serves.

To conduct a Miami-Dade inmate search, click here.

Miami-Dade Police Department Director / Miami-Dade Inmate Search

Director Alfredo Ramirez III has devoted the last twenty-five and longer to the law enforcement business. In 1995, he entered the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD). He got promoted all through the civil service ranks and achieved the position of Director, whenever he got appointed to head the agency in Jan. 2020. When he took, Director Ramirez stated his head priorities would be keeping his officers as well as the community safe, along with continuing to strenuously address gun violence, as well as improve community relations, whilst stressing officer wellness.

In his former job as MDPD’s Deputy Director, he directly oversaw Investigative, Departmental, and Police Services, along with the Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute, and the Psychological Services and Strategic Planning and Development Sections. Working as the Assistant Director of Police Services and Investigative Services, Director Ramirez managed both North and South Operations Divisions, along with the Criminal and Special Investigations Divisions.

Also, he coordinated and deployed most of the department’s total number of sworn employees, and he delivered conventional police services to match the community’s needs. As Criminal Investigations Division Chief, Director Ramirez was accountable for the administration, management and operations of the Homicide, Special Victims, Robbery, and Forensic Services Bureaus, as well as the Crime Scene Investigative Support Section.

While he was a Major, he put in place the North-End Street Violence Task Force to recognize, arrest, and prosecute people who pose the biggest danger to Miami-Dade County citizens. Since the task force’s success, it got enlarged so it included the south-end of the County and became a permanent part of the Homicide Bureau.

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Miami-Dade Inmate Search
Miami-Dade Inmate Search

About Miami-Dade County / Miami-Dade Inmate Search

Miami-Dade County is located in the southeastern part of Florida. As of the 2020 US Census it had a populace of 2,701,767, making it the top populated Florida county as well as the 7th most populated US. It’s additionally Florida’s 3rd biggest county based on land area, having 1,946 square miles. Miami is the county seat, the center of the country’s 9th biggest and the world’s 34th biggest metropolitan area, having 6.138 million people as of 2020. A portion of this population is incarcerated, and inmates can be located by performing a Miami-Dade inmate search here.

Miami-Dade County has a strong Hispanic presence, and it was the most highly populated Hispanic county in the US in 2020. It’s home to thirty-four incorporated cities along with a lot of unincorporated regions. The eastern, northern, and central parts of the county contain many high-rise buildings on the coastline, to include Miami’s Central Business District in Downtown Miami.

Southern Miami-Dade County comprises the Redland and Homestead regions, which encompass the county’s agricultural market. Agricultural Redland encompasses about a third of the county’s lived in land space, and is thinly populated.

The county additionally contains sections of two national parks. In the west, the county expands into the Everglades National Park. The Biscayne National Park as well as the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves are located east of the mainland in the Biscayne Bay.

Miami-Dade County is home to the Miami-Dade County Jail. To conduct a Miami-Dade inmate search, Miami-Dade arrest search, or Miami-Dade County jail inmate search, click here.



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